I have spent the last couple of days painting this picture.  It is mixed media on wood.  Quite pleased with how it came out and my partner really likes it so has decided it is going in the baby’s room.

I have another wood panel so now need to decide what to paint on that as they would be nice as a pair.



Junk Journal

Well this week I have been playing with junk, well a Jamie at Home Brochure to be accurate, lol

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Also today I finished my first ever painting on canvas, it was started a while ago inspired by a class on willowing

There is nothing like being on bed rest to give you time to learn new things

Thanks for dropping in

Emily x

Book of Days Week 1

I am loving book of days so far, Effy’s videos are great and there is loads of flexibility within the concept so great to see what everyone is doing.

Here are pictures of my work from the 1st week.

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I have been busy making some backgrounds in my book for future weeks too so that I don’t get too behind.

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Life Book and Book of Days

Well the 1st of January saw the start of two year long projects, Life Book from Willowing and Book of Days being run by Effy Wild.

I have made a start on both projects so thought I would share.

This is my first page for Life Book, its Goddess month:


The first picture shows the fold out closed and the second shows the full page.  I had a bit of trouble with thinking of Goddess/positive qualities so may go back and add if they come to mind.


I havn’t finished the cover of my Book of Days yet but Effy held a great livestream yesterday and I arted along to make my first page:

I didn’t have a photo printed out so drew a face instead.  The background is gesso, watercolour, stencils and stamps… a great messy playtime.

Looking forward to working on both project through the year, knowing me I will get behind at points but its going to be fun

Emily x


A New Blog for a New Year

Time for a fresh start so here I am with a new blog!

I will mostly be using my blog to keep a record of my progress on Life Book and other arty adventures.

Here are a few of the paintings I have done from the other Willowing classes I have been taking while waiting for LifeBook to start.

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Here is to a happy and creative 2012

Emily x